Cut, Peel,
Stick and Seal!
workshop Photo by Nicole Marnati

With duct tape, everything is possible, with duct tape, most uncompatible materials can be bound together... By creating his own tools and equipment, JB developped a whole new craft based on the use of duct tape. His investigation leads to a series of objects combining scrap material with his favourite medium.

stool table cabinet big chair camping chair lamp chair fisherman chair lamp chair

Usually tape is known as a great tool to solve problems. It is an easy, accessible and quick thing to use. It inspires a certain dynamism, an energy that is proof of intuitive making. Tape has an aesthetic value that is fascinating. Its roughness and texture creates graphical shapes and lines, showing a movement that is fixed in time.

In his project Cut, Peel, Stick and Seal!, JB is appropriating this material by developing an ongoing research into methods and tape techniques. This is leading to a whole new craft that uses self made tools and equipment. With these means, he is reconstructing objects out of scrap wood and duct tape. Instead of repairing what is broken, it is about creating a new form language that showcases the playful and aesthetical values of this medium.

The outcome of this new craft shows how JB deals with whatever he can find around and how powerful a simple accessible material such as duct tape can be.

Graduation project in Design academy

working desk loom synth belt tools expo kazerne

Project showed during the Impromptu Exhibition at Kazerne, Eindhoven. October 2020 - February 2021

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