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The original idea from Petit h is to use scavenged or unused material from Hermès ateliers like silk, porcelain, leather or crystal to make new colorful, useful and playful objects.

In 2021, inspired from the DIY movement, they released their own tape made out of leather and silk leftovers. They collaborated with JB in order to create a scenography focused on the use of tape. Using mostly cardboard and wood constructions, the installation tells what you can do with a few basic materials and a bit of tape to create, repair and appropriate your objects with an Hermès touch.

From JB’s sketches and ideas, the project consisted in the vitrine and interior design of Petit h shop, as well as two window displays for the Hermès shop, which are located altogether in Rue de Sèvres, Paris.

interior petit h sketch vitrine living room sketch vitrine moving out vitrine petit h detail

At Petit h, their tape is showcased by the wood constructions JB designed for the occasion, made out of old scenography pieces of furniture. The theme suggests DIY making with leftover and tape that is sold in the shop by meter, with the help of a rolling machine.
At Hermès, the windows tells a story about packing and moving out, shaping emblematic Hermès products with cardboard and tape.
Following the installation of the vitrines JB co-animated a workshop at Petit h for few days, inviting the clients to join and make their own objects with cardboard and tape.

Window display in 17 Rue de Sèvres, Paris between February and May 2022.

Photos by Alex Profit

© Courtesy of Hermès France

vitrine hermes living room detail vitrine hermes moving out detail shelves petit h podium render vitrine and lamp petit h interior column petit h tape render sketch stools sketch workshop lamp petit h lamp petit h render

Lamp made out of wood,Petit h tape and masking tape, inspired from previous lamps designed by JB. The render shows an early proposal of the object.

tape rolling machine tape rolling machine sketch

Clients can decide to buy the Petit h tape per meter. The amount they choose is then rolled from the shop bobin into a new roll with the help of this machine. Full process described in the proposal sketch.

workshop workshop workshop workshop workshop workshop

Workshop co-animated with Liz Stirling following the installation of the vitrines, the 16th and 17th of February 2022. People were invited to make cardholders or picture frames out of cardboard and tape.

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